The Teamwork Competency Model For Leadership Teams

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"Like the Model a lot. It is very pragmatic and makes a lot of sense. A great diagnostic tool that helped us focus on one or two areas for improvement."

- Dave Diulus, COO, Universal Weather & Aviation

Presentations for Your Leadership Team or Professional Association

  • Is Teamwork A Strategic Advantage For Your Leadership Team? - 30 minute to 2 hour presentation to professional associations and executive advisory groups.
  • Introduction to the TeamScene Model - 2 hour introduction to the Model for an executive, business unit or functional leadership team. By the end of the presentation, the team will identify the teamwork competency that is the team's greatest strength and the teamwork competency that is the greatest priority for improvement.
  • Introductory Workshop - The TeamScene Model- 4 hour workshop that introduces an executive, business unit or functional leadership team to the Model through learning about the teamwork competencies and discussions/exercises to assess the competency that is the team's greatest strength and the competency that is a priority to improve.

TeamScene® Assessments

  • TeamScene QuickView - An introduction to the TeamScene Model that you can take at no charge. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete the assessment and you will receive your confidential results via email. Complete the TeamScene QuickView.
  • TeamScene MyTeam - A tool to help the leader of the leadership team assess the teamwork competency level of his/her leadership team. The MyTeam assessment provides more indepth feedback for the leader than the QuickView Assessment. This assessment only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and the fee includes coaching for the leader to consider how best to utilize the assessment results. Contact Mike Goodfriend if you are interested.
  • TeamScene OurTeam - A tool to help the members of a leadership team assess their team's teamwork competency level. The OurTeam is a cutting-edge assessment tool and provides helpful insights in a way that no other tool does. With this assessment, Mike Goodfriend facilitates the team's exploration of the results so they can identify strengths they need to leverage and priorities for improving how they work together. Contact Mike Goodfriend if you are interested.

TeamScene® Workshops

  • Can I See Your ID? - Team Identity is the core of teamwork competency. This workshop helps a leadership team set the key markers that, if achieved, can lead to a strategic advantage. The workshop also explores the factors that drive a strong Team Identity and how to pass the test for a Team ID Card.
  • Do You Believe? - This workshop starts with building trust but doesn't stop there. Will team members be able to commit to working relationships that actively create a business advantage? "To Believe or Not To Believe" -- that will be the question by the end of the workshop.
  • Debate Like Lincoln and Douglas - Effective leadership teams embrace a Debate of Opposing Views. This workshop builds the team's competency at learning from a persuasive debate -- to lead to breakthrough thinking and better decisions.
  • The Game Plan - A leadership team member may prepare a plan of work for an important deliverable, inititative or goal. But it is the leadership team that should be reponsible for uniting behind a game plan that they are confident will deliver. This workshop focuses on helping the leadership team become more disciplined to Unite With a Game Plan.
  • When It Counts- A leadership team will not be considered effective unless it can Deliver as Promised -- when it counts. Team results cannot be delegated. Success or failure will be collective. This workshop will provide the team with strategies to huddle as a team, modify the game plan, bring actions to closure and leveraging each other to Deliver as Promised.

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