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Success Stories

Our success story descriptions are a great way to learn more about what we do and the impact we have. The following are a couple of our success story descriptions:

Early Completion of Offshore Platform Expansion - $14 Million Revenue Impact

Leadership Turnaround -- Coaching of Professional Services Executive

Strategic Planning Offsite - Productive Debate by 25 participants

Goodfriend Insights

For an Astros fan like me, the 2017 World Series was a special one. The Astros demonstrated the impact of great teamwork -- lessons that we can all learn from. More

If you have ever been in line for a ride at Disney World, you can get a Fastpass and go to the front of the line. Organizations are no different. Some individuals get the fastpass and get to the front of the line quicker for new leadership opportunities. More

Today, the cutting edge is becoming commonplace. We see the cutting edge in business through exponential growth in the utilization of automation, robotics, apps for our electronic devices, etc. More

Once upon a time there was an organization with two executives named Strategy and Tactics. Strategy was a visionary. She inspired the associates with optimism towards a better future as well as the culture and values they would live by. Strategy was always known for her ability to connect with others. More

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"We needed an experienced facilitator. I think everyone was in agreement. You did a fantastic job." -- Zhanna Golodryga, VP and CIO, BHP Billiton Petroleum