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When trust in a human fails, we can at least sit down and talk to the person face-to-face, read their emotions and assess their genuineness about their intent. We can't do that with automation. We can't look it in the eye, inspect the algorithms and independently evaluate the bias in those algorithms. More

Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Average Distance, Spin Rate, Catch Probability -- these are the cutting edge metrics driving today's modern baseball strategy. Maybe you're not a baseball fan and you're not really interested. But as a business leader, maybe you should be. This could be a window into your organization's future. More

Wearable technology is advancing. Read what I learned about Wearables and how leaders of tomorrow need to embrace collaboration networks to leverage these types of technologies. More

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“Thanks for helping me out once again with exercises designed to strengthen our Leadership Team. In the past you were able to help me consolidate two teams with very different backgrounds and objectives into one effective unit. In this most recent project, you did a great job at helping my new Leadership Team develop a much higher level of trust. I have already sent another company to you who I believe could use your help.” Robert Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer, TGS