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It's Not Only Football Season

I like football (both college and pro) as much as the next person. But September to January is not only football season to me. It is Annual Offsite Season as well. There is no TV coverage of offsite retreats and there are no fantasy leagues for offsite meeting participants. But a great offsite this season could have a major impact on growth, results and performance for the upcoming year. More

Offsite Breakthroughs

It is not unusual when I tell people that I am a facilitator, they share their frustrations about a recent offsite. Here are some of the reasons that people get frustrated with an offsite meeting... More

Recommendations For Team Offsites

Team offsites are a great opportunity to help a team improve its business performance. One team offsite is quite different from another... More

Strategic Thinking Models

Between now and year-end is a great time to be thinking - strategically that is. Not that this time of the year should be the only time we think strategically but this is the time of year that most companies plan and budget. More

Strategy and Tactics: A Short Story

Once upon a time there was an organization with two executives named Strategy and Tactics. Strategy was a visionary. She inspired the associates with optimism towards a better future as well as the culture and values they would live by. Strategy was always known for her ability to connect with others. However, her lack of follow-through kept her vision from becoming reality -- until she hired Tactics. More

The Foundational Impact of Core Values

Core values are one of the three strategic foundations. What are your organization's Core Values? Hold it - no looking at a website or some document. Can you remember them? Do you know what they mean? Are they being followed? More

The One Page Strategy Document

Holographic Stadium Technologies has technology for broadcasting in 3-D holography in holographic stadiums -- where people watch 3-D images that simulate being at the actual event. Fans around the country will be able to go to a 2,000 to 5,000 seat holographic stadium in their local suburban area that feels like you're at a real sporting event or concert. More

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“I loved your article about Team Offsites. I have been to many offsite meetings that failed because one or more of the items you mentioned was missing."

“I thought the insights you provided were thought provoking and on target. You have a gift at taking these "common life" situations and drawing strong parallels with the business world. Thank you!”

"Mike, thanks for sharing, some good learnings and enjoyed the correlation. I will have to use this on my British colleagues."

"Awesome news letter! It made me smile and refresh some great memories I had as a kid.   Greatest lessons in life I ever learned were on a baseball diamond as a kid. Thanks." 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  A clever way to explain and consider the Birkman Method. I appreciate you sending this to me!

"Well done.  Your best Goodfriend Insights yet."