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3 Keys to Leadership Development Breakthroughs

I am celebrating my 15th anniversary this year -- in providing Breakthrough Leadership Coaching. This process is different from what I provide as a Growth Coach, where the leader’s development is more additive. Breakthrough Coaching is more transformative. More

A Terrible Thing to Waste

As a business coach, organizations utilize me to help those individuals where the road has been bumpy on their journey to the next level. Maybe they are technically proficient but interpersonally challenged. Maybe they are great doers but haven't learned how to delegate and empower others. Maybe they are great problem solvers but don't plan very well. More

Can People Change?

I'm often asked, "Can People Change?" We've heard people say, "he'll never change" or "a zebra can't change its stripes." Many executives and managers are often faced with a decision about whether they should give a person on their team another chance to improve. More

Cutting Edge "Perspectives"

Today, the cutting edge is becoming commonplace. We see the cutting edge in business through exponential growth in the utilization of automation, robotics, apps for our electronic devices, etc. More

Delivering When It Counts

I have learned so much from my baseball experiences about how to apply leadership and teamwork principles to the workplace - including how we can deliver in business when it counts. More

Do You Know Your ABCD's?

When trust in a human fails, we can at least sit down and talk to the person face-to-face, read their emotions and assess their genuineness about their intent. We can't do that with automation. We can't look it in the eye, inspect the algorithms and independently evaluate the bias in those algorithms. More

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Maybe it’s just paranoia but don't we see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde everywhere we go, all around us? We sometimes see a transformation from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in our boss, our peers and our direct reports. More

Is It Time To Go Back To The Future?

As a leadership coach, I have the opportunity to learn a lot about the different challenges that executives face -- including "The Time Challenge." In this article, you will learn about Goodfriend's 3 Secret Strategies for dealing with the Time Challenge. More

Leadership Skills in the Jetsons Era

The Jetsons theme song is not one that you forget. But what about the technologies on the Jetsons that exist today like video calls, robotic assistance with house cleaning, smart watches, 3D printed food, etc. The acceleration and utilization of automation and robotics will require a new type of strategic business leader to emerge -- one who is less of a bureaucrat and more of a strategic integrator of humans and disruptive automation. More

Lessons From Yoda

I wish I had Yoda as my coach. He is a tough little guy who is underestimated. Yoda is an example of why we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. More

My Biased View of a Great Leader

I need to come clean with you. My bias is impacting my view of what makes a great leader. Admitting this is a difficult thing for me since I have built my professional career on being an objective, unbiased advisor. More

The Leader's Recession Toolbox

You may have heard in the news (about a million times) that we are in a recession. It reminds me of an old commercial of a doctor promoting his services to help you with an alcohol addiction, "It's not your fault but it is your problem." Recessions are not your fault, but they are your problem -- as a leader. More

The Leadership Fastpass

If you have ever been in line for a ride at Disney World, you can get a Fastpass and go to the front of the line. Organizations are no different. Some individuals get the fastpass and get to the front of the line quicker for new leadership opportunities. More

There's a Book in You

It has been a year since I started my book. It has been an experience that I would recommend to each of you because I believe there's a book in you -- just as there was in me. More

Transition Roadmap For the Incoming Executive

Changes in leadership are on the increase. Some top executives just see this economic shift as an opportunity to take a different course. Some companies need a leader with a different style/competency as they restructure the company or reposition the business strategy. More

What I Learned As A Little League Manager

Here are some of my key leadership lessons learned from my experience as a Little League Manager. More

What is Your Exit Velocity?

Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Average Distance, Spin Rate, Catch Probability -- these are the cutting edge metrics driving today's modern baseball strategy. Maybe you're not a baseball fan and you're not really interested. But as a business leader, maybe you should be. This could be a window into your organization's future. More

What Should I Wear?

Wearable technology is advancing. Read what I learned about Wearables and how leaders of tomorrow need to embrace collaboration networks to leverage these types of technologies. More

Your Superpowers

I believe each of us has superpowers. Although Superman single-handedly saved Metropolis, most superheroes are everyday people doing extraordinary things using their own super strengths. More

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“I loved your article about Team Offsites. I have been to many offsite meetings that failed because one or more of the items you mentioned was missing."

“I thought the insights you provided were thought provoking and on target. You have a gift at taking these "common life" situations and drawing strong parallels with the business world. Thank you!”

"Mike, thanks for sharing, some good learnings and enjoyed the correlation. I will have to use this on my British colleagues."

"Awesome news letter! It made me smile and refresh some great memories I had as a kid.   Greatest lessons in life I ever learned were on a baseball diamond as a kid. Thanks." 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  A clever way to explain and consider the Birkman Method. I appreciate you sending this to me!

"Well done.  Your best Goodfriend Insights yet."